Scanning Invoices and Business Documents

If you run a business, it’s important to keep records of everything. You’ll need to keep records for taxes, for customers and for your own sanity! That’s where having a scanner can come in really handy. Scanners are also useful for keeping a record of personal documents such as; Income tax documents, Utility Bills, DVLA documents and banking statements (Natwest, HSBC, Santander etc) .

Best scanner to use for invoices:

Going paperless with your invoices can seem like a really scary prospect. Paper invoices have been a part of business life for years, so why change them now? In the modern business age, you have to roll with the times, which is why you need a good document scanner. You’ll need a sturdy scanner which can handle all of your documents, strangely shaped pieces of paper and receipts.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500

This scanner is recommended by businesses for its speed in scanning documents and converting text documents into PDFs. It’s also supported for Mac, so there’s no need to splash out on more than one scanner if you use a mixture of Windows and Mac computers. It has a document feeder and supports both iOS and Android devices.

Doxie Go

This scanner is portable and powered by USB, so you can use it to scan everything from photos to little receipts, making it great for businesses who print receipts for themselves and their customers. It also comes with a companion app.

Neat Scanner

The Neat Scanner has been heavily advertised but with good reason. It’s fast, portable and can handle many different sizes of documents, from business cards to A4 sheets of paper. The scanner comes with lots of opt in additional services such as a Cloud service with a monthly fee and a Verify service to check that documents have scanned correctly.

Scanning invoices needs to be a daily activity in order to keep up with your records. You should scan your post as it comes in and scan your receipts as you deal with suppliers. Each type of scanner has benefits: flat scanners can scan multiple documents at once, whilst portable scanners can help whilst you’re on the move. Which one that you choose depends on the size of your business and what service your business provides.

Once the scanned documents reach your accounting software, it can make it so much easier for you to calculate things like tax.

How a document scanner helped one business:

Car dealership Top Cars regularly needs to send paperwork to the DVLA to register new vehicles and their new owners. This would be a slow process, beginning with the customer signing the document and then posting it to the DVLA or taking it to a local office. Once the DVLA closed its local office network, it became clear to Barry, the owner of Top Cars, that he needed to adapt with the times and follow the DVLA’s lead on digitalisation, which is where the document scanner came in. Now, at the end of each day, Barry uses his document scanner to scan in all new owner/car documents and sends them to the DVLA online.

Barry says:

“Using a document scanner has really helped me to take the business in a digital direction. I’m happier, my customers are happier and my admin team can lighten their load a bit!”

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